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In the latest footage, Smith appears similar to the animated version of Genie. His hair is ponytailed, bearded, and has sharp-pointed ears. His body is very large and of course blue.

It’s just that Smith’s Genie looks muscular and muscular. Smith’s face is still recognized in the new version of Genie.

Whether it’s related or not, the audience’s response to Smith’s version of Genie is very bad.

Various negative comments also appeared. If you read the comments on this video, you rarely find positive comments.

There are those who consider the appearance of CGI “Will Smith blue” very ugly and do not deserve to be released by a Disney film company. “Will Smith looks like a Smurf who experienced a surge in growth,” wrote a commentator.

Dysney has released the latest footage for the film Aladdin on Sunday (10/2/2019). Although the video titled Disney’s Aladdin – Special Look is only 1 minute long, but the Genie figure played by Will Smith is finally shown in its original form.

In the first trailer released in October 2018, this character does not appear. Two months later, Smith appeared in Aladdin’s promotional photo, but appeared in the form of a human being dressed in a typical Middle East.

At that time, the actor Bad Boys (1995) was not similar to the big-bodied blue genie of three requests that appeared in the animated film Aladdin (1992). The film uses the voice of the late Robin Williams.

Those who received negative comments were not only the appearance of “Will Smith Blue”, but also Marwan Kenzari as Jafar. Some say the physical appearance and voice are not convincing, not as scary as the character Jafar in the animated film filled with sound by Jonathan Freeman.

“When I saw and heard Jafar, I thought this was a fake video footage. It was similar to someone making a parody of this film,” commenters wrote with Yourall Dumb’s identity. Some say Kenzari’s voice as Jafar sounds like a boy under the age of 20.

Marwan Kenzari is actually 36 years old. This Dutch-born actor has Middle Eastern blood, precisely from Moroccan parents.

Actually he is not just any actor because he has played in Ben-Hur (2016) and Murder on the Orient Express (2017). Kenzari also won the Best Actor of the 2013 Dutch Film Festival through his appearance in the film Wolf.

While some also responded negatively to the appearance of Mena Massoud as Aladdin and Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine. But it is relatively not as much as the insults that hit Smith and Kenzari.

Aladdin’s 2019 film was directed by Guy Ritchie. The ex-husband of Madonna diva is known as a director of action films such as Snatch (2000) and Sherlock Holmes (2009). Aladdin will air on May 24, 2019.

The Disney action to re-adapt the animated film into live action was influenced by the success of Jungle Book (2016) and Beauty and the Beast (2017) on the box office.

Besides Aladdin, Disney is also preparing a live version of Dumbo, The Lion King, Cruella (from 101 Dalmatian), Tinker Bell (from Peter Pan), Mulan, and Little Mermaid.

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